Chakras And You

Chakras are well know among the new age community, but the nature of chakras is often not that well understood. The text presented here is an attempt to shed more light on this issue. The chakras in the human body are related to specific energies and consciousness, to endocrine glands, colors and psychic features. It is not always obvious to look for a linear connection between these systems, because the whole is more than the sum of the parts. If we tear out one part in order to analyze it, we might forget what its function is in relation to the whole. We can dissect a human body based upon the different biological systems or upon the different organs or upon the different cells but this would not explain a living being. Be aware that every explanation of the chakras is an approximation of what they really are. The following can help you to better understand what they are and how they function.

What is Above, is Below

In the cosmos, everything is present in everything. Macro cosmos and micro cosmos have the same nature. The laws of the micro cosmos are also present in the macro cosmos. At the source of all manifestations is unity, a cosmic consciousness not understandable for humans. This unity creates all manifestations from the subtle to the most dense matter. The most crystallized state of existence is the physical world we are living in. The crystallization process of consciousness went through seven stages hence the existence of seven worlds, seven bodies and seven levels of consciousness. Each of these spheres of existence has a power center, a concentrated field of energy that acts as a transformer to a higher or lower world. Each center is also directly connected with the ultimate source. This pattern is found in all fields of existence.

Therefore the seven major chakras reflect on different levels of existence, consciousness, worlds, colors, endocrine glands in the body and so on. They are like gates to the entire cosmos.

The Seven Major Chakras

The seven major chakras are situated in the sushumna channel, which is the main nadi in the very center of the spine. Nadis are ethereal or subtle energy, channels for vital energy in the body. The names of the seven major chakras are:

* Muladhara :       The Root Chakra
* Swathisthana : The Sacral Chakra
* Manipura :         The Navel Chakra
* Anahata :            The Heart Chakra
* Vishuddha :       The Throat Chakra
* Ajna :                    The Brow Chakra
* Sahasrara :         The Crown Chakra

Every major chakra has a link to the seven endocrine glands of the physical body. Endocrine glands are glands that secrete their hormones directly into the blood stream. Each chakra is also ruled by a specific planet and specific deities. The planets seen in Astrology charts are planets in the chakras. The table below gives the relation.


ChakraEndocrine glandColourPlanetDiety
Muladhara (Root)The Adrenal Medulla (above the Kidneys)RedMars, KetuGanesh,Hanuman, Kartikeya, Brahma
Swathisthana (Sacral)
The Sexual Organs (testes And Ovaries)OrangeMoonKrishna, Mahamrityunjaya
Shiva, Kamadeva
Manipura (Solar Plexus)
The Pancreas
YellowSunAgni, Laxmi
Anahata (Heart)The ThymusGreenMercuryNarayana, Pashupatinath
Vishuddha (Throat)The Thyroid Gland
BlueJupiter11 Rudras
Ajna (Third eye)The HypothalamusIndigoSaturnKatyayani Durga
Sahasrara (Crown)The Pituitary GlandVioletVenus, RahuShiva, Shakti

Parad – The Solidified Mercury

Ayurveda terms Parad as a flowing non-metal and claims it to be the seed of Lord Shiva. Ancient Vedas assert Parad as the most pure and auspicious metal that has a spiritual as well as medical importance. It is believed and stated in Brahma Purana that if any male or female happens to be Shudra, Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya who worships the idol of Parad then he or she attains supreme terminus (salvation) and is entitled to the complete worldly pleasures. Parad is additionally very helpful in controlling numerous diseases like bronchial asthma, high blood pressure and increase the power to conceive. Continue reading “Parad – The Solidified Mercury”

Rudraksha – Jewel of The Gods

Rudraksha beads are the original Vedic Beads of Power worn by the Gods, Yogis and Rishis since times immemorial on their path to Enlightenment and Liberation. History is proof of successful people adorning these to gain power, health, protection and self empowerment. Rudraksha beads are very powerful beads which are used to cure many physical and emotional disorders. Rudraksha beads are found in different types from 1 mukhi (face) to 21 mukhi (face) Rudraksha. Continue reading “Rudraksha – Jewel of The Gods”

Secrets of Gemstones

Gemstones are naturally occurring or artificially made minerals which are usually cut and chiseled for ornamental and industrial purposes. A large part of contemporarily popular Gemstones have a silica (silicon dioxide) base; indeed, it can be said that most Gemstones are composed of a derivative of sand! Gemstones are generally hard – with diamond considered the hardest substance known. Continue reading “Secrets of Gemstones”

Chakra Healing Voices And Lessons

Chakra Rights Voice Lessons
To be here I have the right to exist because I was born I stand up for myself
To feel I feel pleasure and delight in the flow of life I surrender
To act I can accomplish both difficult and easy tasks with grace and ease I have power
To love I love, am completely loved and completely lovable I forgive, I trust
To speak I speak my truth and it is liberating I choose, I express
To See I see, ,my life flows with acceptance and becomes enjoyable with each new day I accept
To Know I know, I am one with God whose strength and power lovingly flows through me at all times I am grateful
More on Chakra Healing:

Chakra Vastu (Home or Workplace Feng Shui)

Chakra Vastu, similar to Feng Shui, is the science of balancing universal energies and maximizing their benefits in a Home or Workplace by enhancing the Chakras and Elements of Vastu Purush. It’s a simple yet powerful system of reaping maximum benefit by managing energies and influences of the Five Elements, Planets, Chakras, Geometries, Directions and other tools. The entire universe is made up of Panchbhuta or the five elements – Ether (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi). These elements and their energies reside both inside and outside of human beings and human dwellings too. Continue reading “Chakra Vastu (Home or Workplace Feng Shui)”

Scientific Research on Rudraksha

Dr. S.P. Gupta, in the year 1985 has shown that consuming Rudraksha powder orally can cure high blood pressure without any side effects. Mr. Vasantrao Vaidya from Maharashtra has shown that when Rudraksha is dipped into water, the electrical property of water changes. Dr. Gode has proved that Rudraksha has sterol and polyphenolic compounds and does not have any alkaloid. The Rudraksha have been found to balance/neutralize any excess charge deposited on human body. Continue reading “Scientific Research on Rudraksha”